We are committed to protection of health & safety of everyone involved in our activities. In our efforts to maintain the Health and Safety standards, we have established the Health & Safety Management System.

A healthy and safe work environment in our work place is achieved through a well-documented system and work procedures, risk analysis and identification of control measures in prevention of accidents and protection of environmental spillages.

We motivate and prepare all our trained and highly qualified personnel to take personnel accountability for protecting the environment and creating a safe and healthy work place and enable us to foresee, understand & manage HSE risks in our activities that assists in the prevention of HSE related accidents and hazards.

We insist in taking all the required protective measures during the operational process just to make sure the no harm whatsoever is done to the environment or the human resources. We have instilled, in our process, various methods to reduce the hazardous impact to environment.

Our Health, Safety and Environment Management System comprises of following coponents...

Policy & Environmental, Occupational health and safety Objectives
Leadership & Commitment of Management for HSE Management System
Organisation & resources
HSE Risk analysis Registers and hazard and effect management
Safety communication system
HSE management for suppliers and subcontractors
Accident Reporting and Investigation Procedures
Work Permit System
Project HSE Plan
Emergency Response & Medevac Plan
Environmental Management Plan
Annual Health Surveillance
Journey & Vehicle management system
Audit & Review

The above are framed and followed as an industrial practice. Depending on the requirement of operators, we review our policies to comply with them and prepare, before commencement of operations, the bridging document to fill up the gap with our operator's QHSE policy.

To Analyze and improve upon the established HSE management system. we have identified the HSE Performance indicators, (LEADING & LAGGING PARAMETERS) to measure the performance of the HSE management System. The HSE Indicators are measurable and consistent with IMS Policy. These performance indicators help us to evaluate the employee's perception and compliance of our safety management system, and identification of management programmes to reduce/ remove the associated Risks observed in our activities on continual basis.

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