RENCEL is a quality company and as such are ISO 9001 accredited for our Quality Management Systems. Our quality management system is designed to help ensure that we meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders.

RENCEL represents the core set of standards used by organisations for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system.This process allows us identify and control the environmental impact of our business activities, products and services. We are continuously improving our environmental performance.

At RENCEL maintaining high standards of quality, integrity and transparency is important to us. This is part of our commitment to supporting our clients and their positive actions and becoming a trusted partner for your business. We use rigorous selection criteria and due diligence for carbon credits, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and onsite energy technology. All Australian Carbon Farming Projects comply with government approved methodologies.

As part of our commitment to best practice, we are aligned with a number of important industry bodies and business partners.

These standards ensure that the projects are real, are 'additional' to business-as-usual (i.e. would not have happened in the absence of carbon finance) and have not created negative social or environmental impacts. They also ensure that the emissions reductions have been accurately quantified, are permanent and have been associated with unique traceable credits.

RENCEL also applies additional selection criteria and performs its own due diligence on all new projects. This includes limiting the portfolio to technology types that make the most valuable contribution to the creation of a sustainable energy future, ensuring that the timing of emission reductions is closely matched to those of the emissions to be offset, and performing additional checks on project 'additionality' and social and environmental impacts.

All carbon credits that we purchase are held in accounts on 3rd party-maintained registries, specifically designed and approved for these products. These registry systems operate in much the same way as those used in the global financial markets, and are often operated by the same organisations. All products listed in these registries have unique serial numbers for tracking and management purposes, which ensures traceability and avoids double-counting of credits.

All offsets sold to our clients are subsequently 'retired'. Retirement is an irreversible action whereby VERs are transferred to designated retirement accounts on the registries, from which they can never be withdrawn and re-sold.

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Energy demand in the world is growing at the rate of about 9 per cent annually – three times the global average.