RENCEL is committed to achieving excellence in environmental management and performance.

RENCEL has a culture where environmental principles are front of mind and part of everyday business; and which promotes excellent environmental performance, continuous improvement and the ongoing reduction of environmental risks.

RENCEL is committed to structuring its activities and operating its generation portfolio to be consistent with a global agreement to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels (2°C goal). In order to achieve this, RENCEL is committed to modeling its own progress towards an emissions reduction pathway that is consistent with this outcome.


To deliver safe, clean, efficient and reliable energy to the world while developing our people and building sustainable nuclear operational capacity. There is nothing more important than the safety of our employees, our communities and the environment.


we will make finding and producing energy more efficient by bringing together complementary products and services to plan, deliver and execute


Rencel Energy & Metal Limited is committed to delivering safe, clean, efficient nuclear energy to the world. Forming strategic partnerships with local and international companies and pursuing investment opportunities to support the growth of the nuclear energy industry worldwide.


Safety: Safety is the overriding priority of Rencel Energy & Metal Limited. We design and execute world-class safety and security processes and systems ensuring the safety of the public, our employees and the environment.


We listen to and respect the opinions, expertise and traditions of others. We are accountable for our work, our business and our actions. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment.


We are open, transparent, factual and accurate in our communications


We work in an efficient and effective manner and continuously strive to improve our capabilities, processes and cost effectiveness. We responsibily manage our funds and rigorously manage our work to ensure we meet our commitment to deliver safe, clean, reliable and efficient energy.


Since its establishment, Rencel Energy & Metal Limited has confirmed its commitment and capability to meet the ambitious milestones set by the nuclear energy policy. As we accelerate the delivery of our vision to power the future growth and prosperity of the world through a safe, clean, efficient and reliable peaceful nuclear energy program.


Rencel Energy & Metal Limited upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity, and the Board of Directors and Senior Management are committed to implementing and maintaining our Code of General Business Principles and Ethics. As a growing nuclear organization, Rencel understands the trust that the people and the government have placed in us to ensure that the risks associated with operating nuclear power plants are well managed and kept extremely low. Every employee is responsible and accountable for ensuring its reputation for the highest standards of integrity. The Code of General Business Principles and Ethics incorporates the company’s Corporate Values and outlines the principles and model behavior that all employees are expected to follow as they perform their duties.

Rencel Energy & Metal Limited

Energy demand in the world is growing at the rate of about 9 per cent annually – three times the global average.